Why Talens

We are a laser technology-based company committed to innovative developments and the commercialization of turnkey solutions for laser applications. Talens is your partner for Laser applications.


Our extensive knowledge of laser based technologies allows us to introduce new processes and help our customers to be more productive and efficient.

Our patented software development to control the laser beam through scanning optics gives us the possibility to modify the energy distributions across a defined area.

In the software, you can visualize the energy density that results from the scanned pattern and use it as an aide to intuitively create the required energy distribution.

The width of the hardened area can be modified along the hardening path.

Easily combine shapes and energy distributions to create customized hardened areas.

The energy distribution, with high and low energy areas, are created just with one click.

Masking areas or areas where we do not apply energy are generated along the hardening path.


The combination of different scanning patterns that can be dynamically modified along with laser power modulation offer countless possibilities for different applications such as: surface heat treatment, remote cutting or cladding.

Benefits of Talens laser process

Significant value creation

Significant value creation

  • Continuous product and production optimization.
  • Greater capability of pattern positioning.
  • Possibility to combine multiple scanning heads.
  • Quality control and monitoring of the process parameters.
Full flexibility

Full flexibility

  • Capacity to generate multiple patterns to be used for any part geometry and process requirement.
  • Possibility to modify the energy distribution on a selected area.
  • Changeover between models can be reduced to a program change.
Cost effective

Cost effective

  • Possibility to have scalable investment.
  • Savings in operating costs.
  • Higher productivity due to zero change over time.
  • Higher efficiency of the process and reduction of scraps.

Paula Sancho

Process Engineering Director

"Talens was born the day someone told us that what we were trying to do was impossible. From that day on, the team has kept on working with that same passion and hunger for new challenges. A motivated team, along with the gathered experience, lead us every day to successfully tackle new projects."

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